Aquaponics is the method of growing crops and fish together in a re-circulating system.Fish naturally produce the nutrients that plants need to thrive. In an aquaponic system, fish are kept in tanks and their waste is collected at the bottom. This waste is then pumped through a filter to make it into ready food for plants. The plants are set up in ‘grow beds’, which allow the roots of the plants to suspend in water, thereby absorbing nutrients from the fish waste and in the process, purifying the water for the fish in return.

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Commercial benefits:

  • Combined revenue from fish and vegetables with shared costs.

  • Due to vertical growing systems, more yield achievable in less space up to 6 times than traditional methods.

  • Fewer overheads in terms of, weeding, tilling, investments on machineries, irrigation, fertilizing and many more.

  • Naturally available nutrients. Thus zero cost on fertilizers.

  • Not limited to geographical, seasonal and soil conditions.

  • Plants grow much faster as the nutrients are directly fed to the roots.

  • Maintenance of these farms is not labour intensive, hence reduced labour costs.

  • The system is completely modular and hence easily scalable to any extent, also can be designed to be relocated at any point of time without damaging the produce. 

Environmental and social benefits:

  • Saves water saving upto 98% as compared to traditional agriculture/aquaculture.
  • Consumes lesser area to grow more and also can be grown in multi storied facilities and hence helps in controlling encroachment into forests by farmlands.
  • Completely sustainable, organic, healthy food production without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • A step towards achieving good food security, employment for small land holders, can generate carbon credits if done properly in large scale.
  • Overall the system can be designed to be a Zero carbon foot print solution to agriculture.